Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pool party

My friend Tash came round yesterday as she broke up with her loser boyfriend a couple of weeks back and wanted to have a fun weekend.

So Christian, Tash and I sat around, trying to figure out what we could do to entertain ourselves for the evening.
Movie? Nup, not social enough.
Casino? No, too crowded on a Saturday night and pretty boring when none of us really gamble.
Bowling? Probably not as Tash has a problem with her thumbs getting caught in the balls.
Northbridge? God no, none of us like that scene.
Playing pool? Tash and I are absolutely crap at it and will in all likelihood make huge fools of ourselves...sounds like a plan!

So I persuaded Christian is invite some of his friends along (yep, you guessed it - I think they're damn hot!) and we all headed out to play pool.

Now, I've only ever really played pool once or twice and I've never gotten the hang of it. So I sat out most of the games and watched but when I did play, I found out that I was really good at sinking the white ball.

The theme of the evening appeared to be that no team won by skill. It was always a default as someone always managed to sink the black, followed immediately behind by the white. And the git at the next table who wore his jeans a foot below underwear level really distracted us. I had to suppress the urge to give him a wedgie on numerous occasions.

But fun was had by all and by midnight we decided to head somewhere else, so we headed back to one of the Mike's place (I know about six Mikes and two of them were out with us last night) and we played some game, which I forget the name of (it's that old fashioned game where you spin the guys around on the table and try and hit the ball towards your goals - Squishy Ball or something odd like that, that has no apparent relation to the game at all).

Tash and I teamed up and we were soon forced into cheating when the Mikes started playing dirty. We soon became experts at cheating and soon Mike (not the one who's place we were at) had a tantie and gave in and quit (yay for us!!!)

About two thirty we headed home, Tash crashing in my loungeroom. We had a heap of fun, and we learnt a valuable lesson.

Never team up with me in a game of pool, if you want to win.


ScarletManuka said...
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Hieronymus Anonymous said... Tash has a problem with her thumbs getting caught in the balls.

Does Tash have freakish giant thumbs or something?

ScarletManuka said...

No, she actually has small hands but they way she holds the ball gets her thumbs caught.
I don't know how she does it, but I'm sure it's not normal.

Charybdis said...

Nettie is the sexiest, mostest wonderful person in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!

There, I posted. Are you happy now? ;-)

Also, I used to be really good at billiards (comes from owning a table), but I'm really crap now. I haven't played in years and years.

ScarletManuka said...

Thanks Chary! Yay for comments!

Charybdis said...

You like comments huh?

Nettie is really good in the sack.

Especially potato sacks, but burlap ones work just as well. :P

accipiter said...

I tend to not even bother with the holes on a bowling ball. I just pick the thing up and send it on its way. I have, however, given into tradition and convention in that I no longer (well, hardly ever) throw it overhand at the pins. . .

And have you thought about starting your own version of billiard, Nettie, where the idea is to get the white and black balls into the pockets without hitting any of the coloured ones?

ScarletManuka said...

Hmm, that's an idea Acci. But what would I call it?

accipiter said...

Well. . .it's sort of like playing pool, only with the rules reversed. So maybe you could reverse "pool", and call it "loop"?