Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Robin Hood

Honestly, I'm beginning to think I should rename this blog from 'The Natterings of Nettie' to 'Christian and Nettie's Txting History' since all I seem to do lately is posts about conversations we have during the day. Then again, at least I'm posting, yes?

C - I's thinking of getting the Razr on the staff plan. It's not a contract so I can change if the plan isn't any good and the phone will only cost me $240 all up.

Me - Cool :)

C - I'm technically not eligible but I don't think anyone will check and if they do I'll just play dumb.

Me - You are a master criminal and I love you for it xxx

C - I'm like Robin Hood. Rich = insert 'Big Corperate Phone Company Christian Works For'and poor = me

C -Pretty sure they'll write folk tales about me in a few hundred years.

Me - They'll sing about your exploits whilst carousing around a camp fire in the middle of the woods.

C - Probably won't have woods in a few hundred years. Or fires for that matter.

Me - True. So they shall sing about your exploits whilst carousing around a nuclear reactor in a barren wasteland.

C - Much better.

Me - Pity there's not a beautiful Maid Marrion to go with the story :(

C - You could dye your hair red and be Will Scarlet, or learn to play the lute and be Allan a Dale?

C - Or maybe just  beautiful wench Marion? Bit too late for you to be a maid sorry.

Me - You only just saved your arse with that one :P

C - :D

Me - Though if you want me to be Will Scarlet I can buy a wig and a strap on...

C - Hmmm, that's the best offer I've had today so far!


Shawna said...

LOL You two have very interesting conversations! :-)

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