Sunday, March 06, 2011

Attack of the GIANT spider of DOOOOOOOM!*

*No actual attack took place...

Today was an absolutely glorious day! It was only about 27C or so and the sun was out and there was a lovely breeze and so it was the perfect time to go for a walk down through Bassendean (a suburb very near me that sits on the banks of the Swan River).

I parked my car near the main road and headed off in the general direction of the river. There were lots of other people out and about and I would have probably walked right under the GIANT spider of DOOM if not for some cyclists taking photos of him.

He was perched in a tree right about the footpath. Isn't he awesome???

Complete with web and eggs!

I then headed down to Point Reserve, one of the many parks in Basso (I will take this opportunity to say that spell check has an issue with 'Bassendean' but not for 'Basso'...interesting). The entrance to the park has some painted murals depicting native fauna.

The Killer Kookaburra.

The Deadly Dragonfly.

The Bloody Bobtail.

A Fearsome Frog.

So there have recently been lots of floods over East and up North and I have wondered how likely it is that we will ever suffer the same fate. A newspaper article in the local rag I read a couple of weeks ago said that if the Swan did flood, experts expect Bassendean will be one of the worst affected areas.

I wonder how often this has come in handy in the past...?

There were a gaggle of geese frolicking around on the grass. As soon as I got within 20 meters of them, they formed up and started advancing on me, honking furiously.
I'm well aware from reading Footrot Flats that geese can be a (literal) pain in the arse so I high tailed it away from them.

"And don't you come back now!"

This pink and grey was much more sedate.

The river is rather pretty.

Just look how the morning sun shines off it!

Marvel at it's murky browness!

I rather liked this tree so I snapped a pic of it from the end of the jetty (contrary to popular opinion I cannot walk on water).

Finding my thimble sized bladder alarmingly full, I decided to make use of the facilities at Point Reserve. I had never ever before used a chain flush toilet.
I can now strike that from my bucket list.

I want this house! I'm pretty sure this used to be a church of some kind that is now being renovated.

Unless it's just a seriously cool house...

After about an hour I was making my way back to the car and spotted these magpies. Apparently there was good pickings along the wall!


And lastly, for your viewing pleasure - ducks!


Oppiejoe said...

Full o' animals but missing my favorite subject...

Nettie said...

Sorry hun, it's kind of hard to take pics of yourself without looking like a fish peering out of a bowl...

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

I really hope that the spider of DOOOOOM is still there when we visit...

And I love those murals. Are they partly mosaic?

Also, I want that house.

Lovely pictures, sweetie!

Nettie said...

Yes they are mosaics...I did a rather shitty job of describing them lol Sorry!

DavePrime said...

That looked awesome, Nettie! I esp liked the ducks. They were just showing the proper restraint one must maintain in their presence. ;-)

And when did you stop being able to walk on water?