Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I'm looking forward to winter*

* Perth winter, not crazy freezing northern hemisphere winter...

So it was bloody hot today. Got to 39.6C officially but the temp gauge in Osborne Park that Christian drives past every day said it was 43C. Either way, it was awful. Throw into that mix the chance of a thunderstorm and you have some lovely humidity as well.
Perth is full of hot, sticky, sweaty and grumpy people and I am one of them. Bring on winter!!!

It's not just about the temperature though. I love winter for more then just the cooler temperatures and lower risk of bush fires (even though we live smack bang in the middle of suburbia, we are still threatened by bush fires like this one yesterday that flared up again today. To put it into perspective the intersection they talk about in the alert is 600m away from my house). I love winter because I have so many awesome things that I can only use/wear during the cooler months.

This is the hat that Crafty made for me. I have promised for over a year now to take a photo for her but I kept on forgetting. Please excuse the perspiration on my face, it was hot when I modeled it! lol

And to go with the hat are the prettiest gloves ever!

Knee high socks are a must in winter. I also have several pairs of tights and stockings but they don't cooperate with the camera...

My Diego hoodie complete with bat wings and ears. You can see a photo that Boo took of me wearing the hoodie here.

I cannot wait until it is cold enough to wear my new Snoopy scarf!

For Christmas, Christian got me these felt beanies from an awesome shop in Melbourne when he was there for work. I keep on stealing his Kangol beanie so I can understand why he got me my own bunny ears.

For Christmas I got a Madness Hamsters Heat Bear from my best friend. However, customs confiscated the wheat bag from inside because it might have contained some odd European parasite so we had to make our own wheat bags up...

And finally, on an unrelated note, I promised a photo of my froggie biscuits so here it is for those of you who missed it on FB. I'm not the most patient icer in the world so they're not very neat but they were yummy all the same :)


Shawna said...

You really do have the cutest stuff! :-) I love the socks, and Heather really likes the hoodie! I'm so glad you like the gloves and hat--they look very cute on you! :-)

(And, appropriately enough, my verification word is "asick"!)

Mouse said...

You and Christian can be matching rabbits! :-D

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

Want the hats!
Also, I beg to differ. MY gloves / gauntlets made by Crafty are the prettiest ever!

*glove fight*

Nettie said...

And where pray tell ate the photos of YOUR gloves???