Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A house full of fridges

Well, the countdown has begun. Only six days until Boo and Mouse arrive! Yay!
I'm very excited obviously and I only have to get through two more days of work before I can really start getting everything organised. I guess it's a bit like a wedding - there's only so much you can do in the weeks beforehand but it really starts getting busy and coming together in the last few days.

One of the things that had me worried was our fridge. Last year the fridge we bought just after we got married broke. It happened just before Christmas and we were having trouble finding the receipt so we couldn't get it fixed with the warranty. My Dad had left his little fridge up at my Mum's when he moved to Canada and said we could have it to see us through, which came in mighty handy I can tell you. Our old fridge, which is rather big, was still sitting around our house and so we started using it as a plasticwares cupboard. May as well make it useful eh?
Anyway, long story short, I recently decided to stuff trying to find the receipt because really, after all this time it's not going to show up now, and I started getting quotes to have our big fridge fixed. Dad's fridge really helped us out but it's tiny and Christian and I have trouble with it, let alone when we'll have an extra four people in the house!
I made a few phone calls and it seems we bought a really dodgy fridge. No one had anything nice to say about the model and when I gave them the model number everyone suddenly took on the tone of voice you reserve for funerals and lost grand final days. Apparently no matter what we did, there was no hope for our fridge. It was going to cost us almost as much as a new fridge to fix it and then all the tradies I called said they'd guarantee that it would die again before the year was out. It's just that sucky.
We were contemplating buying a new fridge since we had to do something and lucky for us my Uncle came to the rescue. He'd been given a fridge by a lady he knew who was, funnily enough, moving out of the country. He had no use for it and it was just sitting on his verandah so he was happy to pass it on to us. My plan is to have both fridges going when Boo and Mouse get here so we have one fridge for food and another for drinks. Of course we still haven't bought a cupboard as yet so I sill have our old fridge sitting in the corner trying to look like a plasticwares cupboard. So in my tiny little house I have three fridges looming over me...

I still have a heap of cleaning to get done but for most of it there's not much point getting it done now since I'll just have to re-do it in a few days. Mopping the floor for example. It's not that dirty at the moment, sweeping should suffice, but if I mopped now what with the rain due in the next few days I'm sure I'd end up with muddy doggy prints all through my house. My house isn't all that messy anyway. It won;t take long at all to get it into shape. Besides, with four extra people I'm sure it won't stay clean for that long so I'm going to try and not stress over it.

With all the preparation for the visitors I'm surprised that I have any room in my head left to be excited about my little trip afterwards but I am! For those of you who don't know, the day that Boo and Mouse leave I'll also be getting on a plane and heading off to Canada for two and a half weeks. My older sister and her daughter are already there with my Dad (lucky gits are at Disneyland as we speak! And they went there by cruise ship! The injustice!) and I can't wait to join them. I haven't seen my Dad in about two years so it's going to be really good to see him again. And Jo keeps going on and on about how pretty it is there. I'm sure I won't want to come back to boring little Perth! It's a good thing Christian is staying here otherwise I might have just stayed!

Ok, well that's about it for now. I thought I should do an update since I haven't done one in forever. I'll try and update through the visit but if I don;t get a chance I'll do one once I get back from Canada!


Mouse said...

Good God, it's difficult booking tickets! Unless prices drop a lot tomorrow, we're each going to have to pay about £250 extra.
Oh, and you never said anything about us needing visas to get into Aus.!

Shawna said...

heeheehee..."fridges looming"...lol

Man, one of these days, I'm gonna save enough money that Dave and I can travel, too. I'm so jealous of you guys, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. :)

Sounds like everyone is going to have a great time! *hugs* to all of you!

Nettie said...

I had no idea you needed a Visa to get into Australia! I guess that's the sort of issue that crops up when you leave it till the minute to buy tickets ;-P

Barbie said...

You need a visa to get into Australia???? *shock* I guess I have never been a foreigner trying to get into Australia :D

You can never ever have too many fridges! I would love to have your tupperware storage space! As for the state of your house? Bring them over to mine to make your self feel better lol

daveprime said...

Envy, envy, envy, envy, envy! I am full of Envy! :)

Here's to hoping you guys have a great visit!