Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Bells

Last Sunday saw my friend Kristie marry her beau Lee at a little church in Guildford called St Matthews. Unfortunately they didn't get married on Saturday, which was a glorious sunny winter's day, unlike Sunday which was cold, wet and windy.
Luckily however the rain let up after a while and so we only got wet when arriving at the church.

I know Kristie through work and quite a few of us were invited. Due to numbers though she could only invite us and not our respective partners and so my friend Jo was to be my date for the day. A group were meeting at my house beforehand and so we went from here to the wedding.

I've got a few pics to post and I know that most of you will be rather bored since you don't know anyone here but I promised Mouse I would post photos of me in my corset and I'm not just posting them. So you'll all have to sit through some other photos before then!

Even with my red eye reductor function on, I still managed to make Kristie look like an evil bride...

Some of us from work who went. I'm the one second from the left for those of you who don't know and for whom the corset didn't give it away.

The wedding table. I love this shot because I successfully managed to get the whole table and the chandelier in the shot.

The reception was held at Caversham House and their gardens are spectacular.

All terraced and hedged with perfectly manicured lawns and statutory.

It's set right on the river and is a very popular venue due to the gardens and surrounds.

Then there's next door!

I manage to steal the bride away for a few moments to get a photo.

The extremely gorgeous and equally as expensive wedding cake. 100 small cakes all up, half fruit, half chocolate with one larger keepsake cake. It cost over a grand. Personally I wouldn't waste so much money on a cake but it was important to Kristie. Tasted nice though!

The couple hit the dance floor for the traditional wedding dance.

Jo, my 'date' wanted to get a snap of us together and out of the several we got, this is the best one.
And that's about it for now. I'll get more photos in my corset for Mouse and all you others who I'm sure want them next weekend. I'm having a party and plan on wearing the corset and my red and black netting skirt I bought when in Edinburgh. Hopefully that will suffice!

Take care guys, love ya.


Shawna said...

Wow, Nettie, great pics! I loved the one you took of the wedding table with the chandelier--turned out awesome! And you look fabulous in the corset! : ) The gardens are just gorgeous. The cake...I dunno, I wouldn't spend that much on a cake, and while it looks pretty, it's just not my style. It definitely has class, though! : ) Thanks for sharing!

Smerk said...

Wow. Those gardens are pretty damn neat. And now I have a vague idea as to what to wear to your place on Saturday and not feel overdressed!

oppiejoe said...

*salivates on corset*

Sorry... ...

NEO said...

Wow nice wedding! And the garden pictures are lovely.

Mouse said...

Ooh, hot lady in a hot corset! That certainly ddn't disappoint... ;-)

Acci said...

Awwwwwww, Nettie looks so pretty! Woooooo!

Don't you go stealing Smerk away from me, now. . .