Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning

Aloha cousins.

I've not exactly been well this last week. It all started with a killer headache on Monday that hasn't let up since, I started feeling a bit nauseous (well, a LOT nauseous) and then the dizziness started. Throw in a bit of vertigo and you've got yourself a recipe for a crappy time!
I went to bed Tuesday night feeling awful and even though I just don't vomit (as much as it would probably make me feel better to just have a good spew my body just physically won't do it. I have to be on my death bed to actually vomit), Christian bought me in a nice red bucket and placed it next to the bed. I slept horribly the whole night thanks to the room that would just not stop spinning. You know when you're rather drunk and every time you close your eyes you feel like you're on a merry-go-round? It was like that.

So Wednesday morning I get out of bed to call my boss and tell her I'm not coming in. Not too sure what happens next but I can tell you this. The room started spinning like crazy and then one hand is landing in that delightful red bucket - thankfully it hadn't been used for it's intended purpose, my knees are cracking onto our hard as nails tiles and I'm moaning in pain.
Yes dear readers, I had fallen out of bed.

Not happy Jan.

Christian looks down at me and gives me 'a look'. A look that asks 'What are you doing down there?'
Trust me my beloved, I didn't do this intentionally.
The following conversation takes place.

Christian : 'Come back to bed.'
Me : 'I have to ring Di to let her know I'm not coming into work.'
Christian : 'Get back into bed and I'll go and get the phone for you.'
Me : 'You know, since you're getting up maybe you could just call her for me.
Christian (with a look) : 'That would look rather dodgy.'
Me : 'I call in for you all the time! You never make that call yourself! Why won't you just call for me?'
Christian : 'I just think it would look really suspicious. I really think you should call.'
Me (sulkily) : 'Fine, get me the damn phone.'
Me : 'Hello Di? I'm not coming in to today, I've just fallen out of bed and it fucking hurts!'

I ended up going into work on Thursday since I couldn't get a doctor's appointment. I really shouldn't have since I felt like shit all day. Di and my Team Leader Heather both gave me a good telling off for going in and when I left that night I was told not to come in the next day if I was still feeling that bad.
So this morning I've gotten up, almost fallen over in the shower (bending down to wash your feet isn't too bad but the standing back up afterwards part is the killer) and so I've managed to get a doctors appointment today. Hopefully it'll just turn out to be some stupid virus that will go away in a few days and not an inoperable brain aneurysm. The Doctor I'm seeing isn't the best with his English so whatever he says I'll just take it as 'stupid virus that will go away in a few days'.

Okie, have a great weekend guys and I'll let you know how it all went.


NEO said...

Hey I can relate to those spinning, vertigo feelings. I have those almost ever time I move, especially bending over and standing back up. Going to the doctor today, I am so sick of it.

Mouse said...

Sweetie, if you're going to fall over, at least try to land on my nice cushiony boobs... ;-)

Smerk said...

That sounds an awful lot like what I had just before the new year. Which I'd caught (supposedly) off my sister and was probably an inner ear virus.

accipiter said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, Nettie! I was in somewhat similar condition to you for the first couple of weeks this month. Not fun.

Though I notice that Madmouse didn't make the same offer to me that she made to you. . .odd, that. . .signs of favouritism there. . .

Nettie said...

Mouse, if you'd hurry up and get your nice cushiony boobs over here I could make that my priority! ;-)

And Acci of course it's favouritism - she likes me better than you :-P

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

I also offer my boobs for padding, if needs be.

Sweetheart, I hope you're ok.
Make sure to stay hydrated, ok?

LaMa said...

Hope you feel better now love.

It does sound quite similar to a virus which is doing the rounds here in my country. I had it a week ago, same symptoms: headache, nausea, dizziness. Plus some bowel problems.