Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh God, the pain

What would you say is the most painful thing in the world?
I know this will vary, depending on your personal viewpoint, but I think I'd have to come damn close.

Pinching your eyeball with your nails as you try and remove your contact lenses.

I mention this now as I have just taken out my contacts, and low and behold, I now have an extremely blood shot and watering eye. Also, I have no one at home at the moment to whinge too, and thought I'd impose upon yourselves.

Good day to you.


Charybdis said...

I'm sorry sweetie.

accipiter said...

I'd offer to kiss it better, but then I'd have to add even more points to my Hell Test score. . .

As for physical pain, well, both strong acids or burning phosphorous are pretty high on the Ouch Scale. As are jellyfish stings. Take your pick!

I hope you're all recovered from your ordeal, though!

smerk said...

That is why when removing contact lenses I use the slide-n-flick method. I can't use the pinch method due to my nails being a bit on the long side.

Charybdis said...

You could try using a fork.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Ok, that sounds hideously painful.
Poor dear.

Mort said...

Tobacco from a cigarette (not rolling baccy)in the eye is the most painful thing i've ever experienced. Probably all those lovely chemicals.
Oh and maybe the time i deep-fat-fried half of my hand whilst drunk and trying to cook chips. That hurt.

But contacts? Yyyyuuurrggghh!

ScarletManuka said...

Mort, burns from hot oil really hurt as my eight years at KFC taught me. I still have some of the scars.